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Jewellery Care

When wearing your jewellery

To keep your jewellery looking its best, avoid contact with perfumes, creams and cleaning products.  Please remove your jewellery before showering, swimming or in the case of rings particularly, any activity using tools which could damage your jewellery.

Storing your jewellery

To prevent tarnish, jewellery can be stored in an airtight bag or box.  If this isn't possible, just keeping your jewellery seperate to avoid scratching will help keep it shiny.  A soft-lined jewellery box or pouch is perfect for this.  With pendants, store them separately to avoid tangling!

Cleaning your jewellery

Silver will naturally tarnish over time (although argentium is naturally more tarnish resistant!), and can be easily cleaned using a silver polish cloth, avoiding any gemstones in the piece.

Gold jewellery, similarly, can be cleaned using a gold polish cloth.

For items with gemstones, please avoid using water or cleaning products as depending on the hardness of the stone, this can damage your piece.  A soft, microfibre cloth will clean your gemstones and keep them shiny.

Do you offer cleaning and polishing services?

I do!  Just get in touch with some information about your piece and we can go from there.  

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